Edinburg STEP UP was developed in 2013 and is a nonprofit organization that encourages education, labor resources, and wellness programs to low income families living at the Edinburg Public Housing units and the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs.


Rodolfo “Rudy” Ramirez –Executive-Director

Mr. Ramirez is the Executive Director for the Edinburg Housing Authority (EHA), the public housing agency for the City of Edinburg. As the EHA Executive Director since 2011, he is responsible for the administration of more than 1350 low-income housing (398 public housing units and 970 Housing Choice Voucher units, as of December 01, 2015) in Edinburg. His experience details a dynamic leader with a proven track record in organizational change, program integrity, operational effectiveness and amalgamating federal, state and local resources. 

Richard Christian – Accounting and Human Resources

Mr. Christian has been with the Edinburg Housing Authority for almost a decade, and as the finance and Human Resources Director, he overlooks two very important areas. His focus and experience keep the agency in good hands when it comes to managing expenses and dealing with Human Resource processes.

Elizabeth Hernandez – Director of operations

Ms. Hernandez who is the Director of Operations for the Edinburg housing Authority has over 20 years of experience and with her hard work and determination has maintained the standards of the agency. Her role in EHA is essential since she manages the core areas which are of great importance.


Zulema Garcia 

Property Manager

Robert Briones 

Property Manager

Valeria Rodriguez 

Resident Services Coordinator BSW